Nursing Care

Ridgeview Health Services is a 148 bed skilled nursing facility. Every bed is certified for skilled services and staffed with licensed nurses trained to meet the needs of our geriatric population. The staffing patterns for our facility provide the resident with safe and effective nursing-to-resident ratios.

Ridgeview is equipped for residents requiring IV services, and wound care, shop enteral feedings, ed and post-operative care, as well as those experiencing complications from acute and chronic disease processes.

Ridgeview resident with caregivers

Resident with caregivers

Licensed staff receive continuing education on a routine basis in order to remain abreast of new and innovative challenges in the nursing field.

Staff in the Alzheimer’s unit receive specialized training, enabling them to better address the unique requirements of these residents.

Nursing staff in our Rehabilitation unit work closely with specialized therapists to assist residents in achieving their highest level of functioning prior to returning to the community.

Physician Care

Ridgeview Health Services is proud to offer physicians’s services from the finest medical professionals in our area. Both of our primary care physician specialize in geriatrics and possess many years of experience in this field. In addition to our staff of attending physicians, we work closely with the orthopedic specialists in our area.

Our nursing staff is always happy to assist with making referrals, appointments, and transportation arrangements to any physician of your choice.


Physical Therapists provide intervention for problems associated with stroke, hip fractures, head injury, arthritis, pneumonia, various surgical procedures and many debilitating diseases.

At Ridgeview Health Services, our dietary department prides itself on providing palatable, well-balanced old fashioned home-cooked meals to keep our residents healthy and happy. We provide a Select Menu program with choices to offer better meal satisfaction for increased intake. Staff members also provide a daily hydration pass with Kool-Aid at 10am and again at 2pm. If a resident chooses we also offer a variety of snacks such as soups, sandwiches, ice cream, pudding and jello.

We have a family dining program every 3rd Wednesday in which we provide a lunch meal that our residents choose. This meal is served “family style” in bowls and platters, in which the residents serve themselves. We also offer a “residents pick” meal every 4th Sunday in which we provide a lunch meal which our Residents Council has chosen.

For our residents with swallowing difficulties requiring thickened liquids, we have a “Think pink before you drink” program. This is placement of neon pink indicators to ensure all staff members are aware of our residents special needs for thicker consistency liquids. Pre-thickened liquids are provided on each meal tray and in a bedside cooler to provide fluid needs for these residents.

Our main goal is to provide the best possible nutritional and fluid program possible for our residents.

Social Services

Ridgeview Health Services provides and licensed social worker to meet medically related social service needs. These include assisting residents in maintaining or improving the ability to manage everyday physical, mental and psychosocial needs. Since caring for an adult or senior family member can place tremendous strain on family members, our social service department offers a range of social and counseling services to help families cope.

The social service department strives to address each resident’s needs and link social supports, physical care, and physical environment with residents’ needs and individuality.