Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I go about getting my family member in the nursing home?

A. If the patient is hospitalized, ask to speak with the discharge planner or physician. Let them know you are interested in nursing home placement for your family member and which facilities you are most interested in. They will handle it from there. If the patient is at home, you can make an appointment with their primary care physican to have the necessary paperwork completed. Please contact the Ridgeview admissions office at (205)221-9111, ext. 144 for a list of required documents needed for admission into the facility.

Q. Will my insurance pay for the nursing home?

A. In most cases, insurance will only pay for the nursing home if the patient has had a three night stay in the hospital within the past thirty days. In this instance Medicare Part A will pay for the first twenty days as long as the patient meets certain criteria.

Q. I have not had a recent hospital stay and I am on a fixed income. Is there any financial assistance for the nursing home?

A. Depending on the patient’s income and assets, they may qualify for Institutional Medicaid, which does help pay the expense of the nursing home. Even though this program is based on the patient’s monthly income and liquid assets, the limits are very different for a patient who has a living spouse and a patient who is single. The admissions office and business office at Ridgeview is more than willing to go over your specific situation and instruct you on your financial options.

Q. My family member just needs rehabilitation for a short time. Is Ridgeview appropriate for him/her?

A. YES! Here at Ridgeview we not only provide long-term nursing care but we also have a unit specifically designed for short-term patients. Whether you are recovering from a recent surgical procedure, stroke or accident, the therapy department at Ridgeview Health Services will work diligently to devise a therapy program tailored to your individual needs.

Q. I have always promised my loved one that I would never put him/her in a nursing home, but I know I can’t provide the care they need. What should I do?

A. Keep in mind that our top priority is the same as yours — providing the care that your family member deserves. Caring for a loved one can be a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week job which most people are not capable of doing by themselves. The staff here at Ridgeview wants you to think of us as extended family, helping you to provide the best care possible for your family member. If you usually take grandma out for Sunday dinner, just let us know what time you want us to have her ready to go. If you normally watch the football game with grandpa on Saturday afternoon, then we’ll look forward to seeing you at Ridgeview on Saturdays.

Q. Do I need to make an appointment to get more information or take a tour of the facility?

A. You do not have to make an appointment. You are more than welcome to tour our facility anytime. However, if you have specific admission questions, a phone call prior to your arrival will ensure that our Admissions Coordinator will be available to meet with you. You may also call or e-mail us anytime for further details or additional questions.

Phone: 205-221-9111
FAX: 205-221-9115