Second Wind Dreams

Second Wind Dream recipient with Ridgeview group

Second Wind Dream recipient

Ridgeview Health Services is pleased to be a partner of Second Wind Dreams, a nonprofit organization which works to grant the wishes and dreams of senior citizens. Together, we are listening to the dreams of our residents and striving to make them become realities.

At Ridgeview Health Services, we believe in the power of dreams, and that having dreams is important at every age. Dreams stimulate our hearts and minds and make us stretch both mentally and physically.

When dreams seem unattainable, as is true for many seniors, the power of dreams is diminished and hope fades. We let our residents know that their dreams are worth pursuing and can be attained with a little help from friends.

A few of the dreams which have come true for our residents:

  • earning a high school diploma
  • learning to play the piano
  • shopping trips
  • rides in a limousine
  • attending concerts and college football games
  • cosmetic makeovers
  • …and many more!

You Can Be A Dreamweaver!

Ridgeview Health Services is proud to become the second nursing facility in Alabama to participate in this program, and we invite you to join us in this mission. As you become involved, you will see the difference Second Wind Dreams is making in people’s lives and you will have the satisfying knowledge that you are giving a priceless gift. Individuals and businesses can help dreams come true in several ways:


Donations are tax deductible. Consider making a donation in honor of or in memory of a loved one. A note of acknowledgement will be sent to the family.

Adopt a Dream

Sponsor an individual dream by arranging the logistics for fulfillment of the dream.


Give of your time and expertise. We can use help in coordinating fund-raising events, speaking to groups to raise awareness, soliciting donations, and accomplishing a great many other tasks.

Be a Corporate Sponsor

Your business can partner with us by making Second Wind Dreams a target for your employees nonprofit involvement and donations. Joette Kelley-Brown or or Sarah Chisten Ivey can help you become involved. Call Joette at 221-9111, ext. 136 or Sarah Christen at 221-9111, ext. 139.

Second Wind recipient at Ridgeview Health Services

Second Wind recipient at Ridgeview Health Services