Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

sunsetRidgeview Health Services, an innovative leader in Long Term Care, proudly presents our Alzheimer’s unit. It has been developed as an addition to our comprehensive services, designed to meet the unique needs of individuals affected by the disease of Alzheimer’s.

It is a secured unit, constructed to provide a safe, non-restrictive environment for the Alzheimer’s resident. We have installed a state of the art security system which promotes safety, and allows the resident to move about freely within the unit.

Activities are dynamically coordinated to provide entertainment, exercise, and diversion. Private dining is an added benefit which gives the resident an opportunity for socialization, and maximum staff assistance simultaneously. This creates an enjoyable, nutritional dining experience.

Staffing for the unit is decentralized from the nursing units. Personnel who staff our Alzheimer’s residents are specially trained in caring for this unique disease. We welcome inquiries about placement to the Alzheimer’s unit, and questions concerning any facet of care. Please come by, or call for an individualized tour.

Philosophy and Mission Statement for Alzheimer’s unit

Ridgeview Health Services’ Alzheimer’s unit is an innovative concept in the caring for Alzheimer’s residents. It is a holistic approach to the way Alzheimer’s residents receive physical, and psychological care. It is a relatively new way of looking at those suffering from the debilitating disease of Alzheimer’s.

We believe in developing a supportive environment that enables the resident to function in a more “normal” manner. The ability to live in a non-restrictive setting enhances the quality of life for the Alzheimer’s resident, as well as promoting independence and higher functioning capabilities, decreases agitation.

The staff and Administration of Ridgeview Health Services believe:

  • A secure environment that promotes individuality, and encourages diversity can help the resident to function at their highest practical level.
  • Each resident should be treated as an individual.
  • All other interventions should be tried prior to using psychoactive drugs.
  • In a commitment to quality of life and quality of care for each of the resident entrusted into our care.

Not all persons with dementia belong in a special unit; persons in the early stages of their illness who can still interact successfully with cognitively well people may not benefit from placement.

Alzheimer’s units are designed for those individuals who, although still able to function, are unable to do so at their optimum level in a traditional setting.

At Ridgeview Health Services we are dedicated to maximizing our resident’s abilities, and improving their quality of life.

Admission Criteria for Alzheimer’s unit

  • Potential candidates must have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia.
  • Residents must possess an Alzheimer’s related special need that can be more throughly met on a specialized unit
  • An evaluation and functional assessment are required prior to admission. Only individuals with confirmed cases of irreversible dementia are admitted to the unit.
  • Residents must be ambulatory, including use of wheelchair for locomotion.
  • Residents must require the security, safety and stability that a special unit can offer.
  • Residents must possess the physical ability to participate in an extensive activity program
  • Residents must possess the physical ability to participate in an extensive activity program
  • Admission to the unit will be based upon severity of need.

Discharge Criteria

  • Physical Health- if physical health becomes so impaired that a high level of personal care is required he/she is no longer a candidate for the special unit. Residents remain on the unit so long as they are able to function, and benefit from the special services offered. When a resident can no longer function adequately enough to participate in the daily programs, he/she is deemed eligible for discharge, and transferred onto the general long-term care area.
  • Functional abilities- Residents must be capable of participating in some level of group, interactive or cognitive program, or function in an ambulatory/semi-ambulatory level. When there has been a decline in functioning, which results in resident’s total dependence, the resident is no longer a candidate for the special unit.

In the event of discharge due to an acute physical condition, the individual may be readmitted to the unit when his/her physical condition has improved sufficiently to allow that individual to participate once gain in the daily programming.

Should a resident become physically violent, and post a danger to the health and safety of the other residents, discharge from the unit and/or facility may be necessary, until the threat of danger has subsided.