Second Wind Dreams®, a local Jasper, Alabama non-profit that is run through Ridgeview Health Services, is excited to announce that they are giving one of the residents of Ridgeview the chance to have her dream come true. When asked over a year ago, Shirley Wallace said she dreamed of going deer hunting again. Ridgeview and Second Wind Dreams® set about to make this dream become a reality.

How? You may ask. Well, through the help of Alicia Kelley-Stewart, Ridgeview’s Vice-President who happens to also be an avid hunter, we found another non-profit organization called Hope Outdoors. Hope Outdoors states that they are an, “outdoor ministry that partners with caring organizations . . . across the nation to facilitate hope through outdoor activities. Our outreach is directed to those men, women and children who may be ill or disabled, and in need of a little help and brotherly love to see their outdoor passions fulfilled. Some are looking to be re-introduced into an activity they once loved, while others are discovering a new and exciting way to live life to its fullest.” This was exactly what Second Wind Dreams needed! An organization that understood how to help Shirley Wallace see her dream fulfilled by looking past her disability.

This past Friday and Saturday, January 17 and 18, 2014, Shirley traveled with two employees from Ridgeview to Chatom, Alabama to stay in a bed and breakfast and spend 2 days enjoying the outdoors while she hunted deer. When we revealed the trip to her, Shirley kept exclaiming, “Really?!? Are you SERIOUS?!?” Second Wind Dreams® even provided her with new camouflage gear to help keep her warm during the hunt that was donated anonymously.

Second Wind Dreams® is thrilled to have had this opportunity to help Shirley’s dream become a reality. We believe that she will treasure the memories of this deer hunting trip for many, many years to come.

Second Wind Dreams® is a non-profit that was founded by P.K. Beville in 1997. Ridgeview Health Services became a lifetime chapter of this wonderful organization in 2004. Through the efforts of Second Wind Dreams®, we believe that we can help change the perception of aging. The elderly learn that they are never too old to dream and we have the honor to help see that little glimmer of joy return to their eyes.

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