Walker County Lake Fishin’ 2013

The coolers were stocked with ice cold soda pop, purchase the rods were ready, pharmacy and the live bait was crawlin’. It was 9:15 am when the participating residents of Ridgeview finally arrived. They readied themselves in the patio area, decease as sunscreen was applied liberally to ward off the blistering sun. Fishing hats topped heads, and several took an opportunity of slurping on a cool drink. The funny moment of the day occurred when a beetle greeted Ms. Estelle Orr, who fled hootin’ and a hollerin’.
Down at the dock, the residents battled the bugs, the dragonflies, and the sweltering heat. Staff members baited the hooks and help to cast rods into the water, then handed the rods over to the residents. A few lines got tangled up and the worms were always non-compliant, but it was great fun nonetheless. The day was capped off when Shirley Wallace scored a prized catfish!
This little excursion to Walker County Lake was a true blessing to everyone that participated. The staff knew that this was about more than fishing. They were able to spend quality time with the residents while enjoying the wonders of God’s creation — the ducks, the wildflowers, and the wind gently entwining the trees. These are the types of things that make Ridgeview such a special place, and we are so blessed to be able to invest in a cast of characters that call Ridgeview their home. They, literally, have us hooked.

Photos and Story By: Al Blanton
fishing #3

fishing #4

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fishing #9

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fishing #19

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